Photo by Bruno van der Kraan

? Hello

We are a bunch of gals and guys with a variety of backgrounds, from mathematics research, statistics research, economics research, software engineering, historian, system administrators… This mix leads to vivid discussions, sometimes very serious, sometimes not so serious!

Fretlink offers a streamlined organisation of road freight, through standardization and transparency. Our ambition is to bring local carriers closer to shippers and help them collaborate along every step of the transportation chain, providing the visibility they need on their operational reality.

A Team blog

When taking a look at our tech stack you might notice we love open source. Indeed most of what we do is built upon it. Some tooling and librairies of ours are available out in the open but we think we can give more to the open. This new blog is thus another way to contribute back to the community by sharing our experiences and knowledge.

What can you expect from this open door? Techniques and tips from our server-side software. Experiments and discoveries made while building our human facing interfaces. Analysis and explanation about our research fields. Details about our IT infrastructure. And even more hopefully…

Happy reading!